Play a round of golf with Shaq.....Foooore!

We got to work with the "Big Man" himself, Shaquille O'Neal on a golf themed game conceived by Toby Cochran, called CaddyShaq. Together, Toby and I worked on bringing Shaqusta's 2D assets to life for a myVEGAS game available on both Facebook and mobile platforms. Shaqusta is a 9 hole course, filled with wacky Shaq-ified landmarks and a pesky little gopher. I oversaw Toby's art direction for the game, while simultaneously handled the production of all the 2D assets. This included painting and finalizing Toby's line concepts, UI design and illustration, paint and optimization for the interactive golf course bonus game. Caaaaan You Diiiiig It!!!!

An illustration by Bob MacNeil of Super Shaq, a homage to Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) for the myVEGAS & Shaquille O'Neal game CaddySHAQ.
An old play field designed for CaddyShaq that was discarded for a more updated version.
The updated and final version of the play field used in Shaquille O'Neals game CaddyShaq.
Character concept paintings of Shaquille's in-game character. These paintings were used by modelers to texture and light the raw 3D model for CaddyShaq.
Gopher concept painting for the game CaddyShaq.
Shaqusta is the fictitious golf course for the myVEGAS game CaddySHAQ. These pieces are what was used to build the entire 9 hole course.
The pieces for Shaqusta are assembled to create the interactive bonus game seen in CaddyShaq. Arrangements vary to create unique holes.
The Shaqusta course is set dressed with Shaq "ified" landmarks to give each hole some comedic character. These are some of the final images created by Bob MacNeil.
There were 9 landmarks conceived, one for each hole of the Shaqusta course. Bob MacNeil did not have enough production time to complete them on his own, so he created these rough paint guides for outsourced help.
The summary screen are vital for the game because they give players an idea of their play progress. This image is meant to reflect a plaque seen in the clubhouse of Shaqusta.
The UI serves as a players interactive connection to the golf bonus on Shaqusta. Bob MacNeil created these graphics with golf score cards in mind.
The logo for Shaquille O'Neals game CaddyShaq serves as the identity for the entire game, so Bob MacNeil rendered the image in Photoshop with a fine attention to detail.
These are the symbols that make up the playfield for the game CaddyShaq.
This is an image for another Shaq branded myVEGAS game titled ShaqJack. Shaq and I are both from Newark, NJ and this is what a typical street basketball court from the city looks like.



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