What happens in Betrock, stays in Betrock

Everyone's heard about the little town in the desert. The one known for its nightlife, its legendary performers like Rock Sinatra and Wayne Newt... the glowing neon rocks that illuminate the vast strip of about 4 or 5 hotels... the anything goes party time atmosphere!!! Join four girlfriends for a long weekend on this prehistoric getaway. And, yes, this is a total homage to one of my favorite shows growing up... The Munsters!

with the popularity of Betrock, Betrock 2: Betrock N Roll soon followed.
I have included some assets from that game in this gallery

From high atop their swank penthouse, the cavegirls of this myVEGAS game created by Bob MacNeil are treated to spectacular views of the prehistoric sin city that's Betrock.
Shaley is the card player of the cavegirl foursome. She's unofficially the leader of the group because of her collection of rare animal prints.
Roxy, the music lover, has the best rhythm of the group. One of her favorite stops when in Betrock is definitely Club Betrock N' Roll.
Petra is descendant from a long line of prehistoric wine carnivosseurs. She always has a drink in hand while hitting the casinos at Betrock.
Terra is an expert dice player. She introduced Club Berock N' Roll to her cavegirls, and inspired the second game in the series created by Bob MacNeil.
The best way to get around Betrock is by dino taxi. This is the in-game painting Bob MacNeil did for the bronto taxi company. The other sketches were unused ideas for the myVEGAS game, Betrock.
Bob MacNeil created these game assets to reflect both the Vegas and prehistoric influences of Betrock.
Bob MacNeil developed a prehistoric logo for the myVEGAS game Betrock that paid homage to the famous Las Vegas sign.
Because Betrock became a very popular game for myVegas, Betrock N' Roll came next, this design sheet contains Bob MacNeil's logo exploration for the new title.
Because Betrock does not have a mini-bonus like other myVEGAS games, Bob MacNeil created a day to night transition for better player immersion.
Bob MacNeil was asked to create Betrock 2, as a result of Betrock's enourmous success. He chose to show the cavegirl's favorite nightclub in this follow up title.
This game represented the first time a myVEGAS game used realtime 3D in it's pipeline. Bob MacNeil created a dice game for players to interact with on this mobile game release.



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