Back to the Past

Paying homage to the visuals of the past

Time period, environmental wear & tear, historical trends and informed research are important factors to consider when graphic designs are formulated for story support. In some scenarios, the need for total invention of imagery is not necessarily as important as the accurate depiction of a chosen time period is.

This initial sketch of a small town street scene served as Bob MacNeil's jumping off point for the eventual environment graphics he produced for a submission to Pixar Animation.
Bob MacNeil decided to create graphics reminiscent of 1950's era Americana for his portfolio submission to Pixar. This newspaper was the first image he created.
Logo and identity design often define the era they depict. Bob MacNeil took care to use proper fonts, colors and even wording for these time period graphics.
Bob MacNeil created these billboard and sign designs to include in his Pixar submission for a position on the film Toy Story 3.
Bob MacNeil used art from other projects he worked on, then aged and distressed the images to mimic period magazines for his Pixar submission.
To be considered for a graphic design position on Toy Story 3 for Pixar Animation, Bob MacNeil recreated designs associated with 1950's Americana.
Bob MacNeil recreated all sorts of graphics for his graphic design Pixar submission. He even designed what a manhole cover would have looked like in 1950's era America.
Since neon became popularized in the 1950's in American culture, Bob MacNeil added some examples to his graphic design submission to Pixar.
To better help the review staff at Pixar, Bob MacNeil included this fully rendered scene which he painted in Photoshop so the members of Pixar could see his work in context.



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